Málaga calling!


Hi everyone!


Greetings from sunny Málaga, Spain!

I haven’t had time to blog nor visit your blogs –

I want to be outside as much as possible when the weather is good –

 sunny, sunny, sunny….


I’ve done some sketches here but nothing ready to post.

This is a detail of my other sketchbook..

It could be called ‘the long way home’ 🙂


detail of my sketchbook BLOGitse


Paint Party Friday



On Saturday 6.12.2014

it’s 97th Finnish Independence Day!


It’s good to be free!!!!


Finnish 97th Independence Day 6.12.2014 by BLOGitse



Have you noticed how geometric strawberries look….

and taste so yummy!


Malaga Spain strawberries December 2014 by BLOGitse


Geometric Friday




Have a relaxing weekend!



ps. if you leave me a comment I promise to visit your blog asap!



12 thoughts on “Málaga calling!”

  1. The first sketch reminds me of the cape of a bullfighter. My parents once had a house up on the hill outside town in Malaga. Gorgeous! I don’t blame you for staying outside. Those strawberries look so good.

  2. oh I would definitely take in the glorious weather and beautiful surroundings too! Interesting painting-I see a man walking toward the left but I bet if the painting was flipped I’d see something completely different. Happy Independence day!


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