weekend #8


Greetings from +25 C / 77 F Sydney, Australia!



Australian prosecco by BLOGitse



Today is my ‘me-day’, time to blog. Other days

are busy exploring, being outside…

on our walk I was given this beautiful Magnolia flower,


perfect for


Geometric Friday


geometric friday #19 by BLOGitse



This watercolor painting is from a file – I haven’t had time to paint here yet…

Do you recognize who he is?

If yes, then the painting is not too bad 🙂 🙂 🙂



scketch of a designer by BLOGitse


Paint Party Friday



Have a relaxing weekend!



Let’s see how much blogging time I will have,

but I promise to visit all those bloggers

who leave me a comment and

have name/url option to leave mine!

7 thoughts on “weekend #8”

  1. I don’t suppose it is a short haired John Lennon? Otherwise… I will also say Andy Warhol. It is a great expressive drawing, no matter who it is. As for the wine.. now that is a wine label! And the flower…one of my favourites. It is a frangipani – beautiful flower and my mother’s favourite. She even had it included in her wedding bouquet. (I am looking forward to seeing what your breakfast table will be…and where!)


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