weekend #9 BULA!




from F I J I !



geometric friday #20 by BLOGitse


Palm tree leaves for


Geometric Friday


It’s been hot, humid – 94% – we’ve had it all –

sun, rain, thunderstorms, hot and cold drinks…


I found these ‘red soft prunes’ in a supermarket,

actually they’re orange –

I did a painting with a color of these prunes.

(When you eat it your tong is totally orange….)



Paint Party Friday



soft red prune in Fiji by BLOGitse


a whole packet of prunes


package of soft red punes in Fiji by BLOGitse


Price 1.60 e / 1.80 usd


I’M SO SORRY about the painting

It’s b-a-aaaad but I painted it with prune’s original color!

I just wet the brush on wet prune….

Black ink didn’t run as I wanted –

but I hope you get the idea! 🙂


red prune painted with its color by BLOGitse



Fiji day by BLOGitse



Fiji colors by BLOGitse



Next week we’ll back in Sydney…can’t wait to visit art galleries,

eat more wonton noodles in Chinatown etc.




Have a relaxing weekend!



I promise to visit all those bloggers (sooner or later!)

who leave me a comment and

have name/url option to leave a comment!



7 thoughts on “weekend #9 BULA!”

  1. Even more humidity than here! I like the plaid effect of the palms – cooling too:)! Those prunes look pretty amazing- are you sure they are edible? They certainly are ” paintable” 😉

  2. Love the tree art-so tropical! Those “prunes” look interesting-so did you like them?? I think your sketch looks just fine. Thanks for sharing some pics of your wonderful warm vacation!


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