mom – it’s orange #130 Bula!



from Fiji…



First two abstract versions for


Mandarin Orange Monday



mom #130 version 1 by BLOGitse



mom #130 version 2 by BLOGitse



Any idea of the original picture? 🙂



Here we go…



collect ping pong balls by BLOGitse


It’s adults play time – collect all the ping pong balls…..



Have a good week everyone!



Even if I’m on holiday I promise to

visit all those bloggers

who leave me a comment and

have name/url option to leave a comment!



6 thoughts on “mom – it’s orange #130 Bula!”

  1. So are you saying your abstracts started out as a ping pong ball? I was going to guess a light bulb, but either works … actually what works is you outcome. Great Abstracts and looks to me like you are having too much fun on your vacation 🙂

    Andrea @ FRom The Sol

  2. Is it looking down onto a candle? Whatever it is .. great colour and movement….. making me dizzy!
    ps. is it still raining cats and dogs;)! I see you are picking up the lingo;))


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