rough work done, brushes waiting…



All rough work in our sauna building is DONE!

Only a few details to be done today and finally

tomorrow we’ll have our first sauna session. Jeeeee!


These boots were busy but now they are somewhere else

doing good, important work, thank you!


renovation boots by BLOGitse



We have still organizing to do, some stuff is outside under plastic…



I can’t wait to get my ‘normal’ days back,

able to draw and paint more…


Brushes are staring at me – use me, use me….. 🙂



Paint Party Friday




painting brushes by BLOGitse



How’s your life?




Have a relaxing weekend!



7 thoughts on “rough work done, brushes waiting…”

  1. Yay- now you can reap the rewards of all the weeks of work!! Wonderful paintbrush illustration. Happy painting and happy PPF!


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