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Hi everyone!


About leaving a comment.

If you’re a Blogspot blogger you see this kind of list of options

for others to leave comments:


name:URL option commenting by BLOGitse


Here I click name/URL option

and after that it looks (sorry in Finnish!) like this


I'm not a robot by BLOGitse


So here – as a human being – I need to tick that I’m not a robot.

If you get nasty/bad/saddening etc. comments

they are written by other human being.

But don’t worry, just ignore, delete them.


Or publish them!




Theme Art challenge for October is


‘domino abstract’


Teemakuun kollaasin haasteeseen tässä kaksi ensimmäistä kuvaa



#1 & #2



domino abstract #1 & #2 by BLOGitse




Paint Party Friday challenge


‘lady in black’


lady in black by BLOGitse


I wanted to play with black aquarelle adding a little water and a drop of white to get different tones…



Have a relaxing weekend!





13 thoughts on “about: commenting, abstract, painting”

  1. Jahas, siinä joku porukka on päässyt etelän lämpöön ja makailee biitsillä napa paljaana, kun nuo toiset vetää sinistä enkeliä rantabaarissa ja lapsille tietenkin pinkkiä limua, jota tarjoilee käkkärätukkainen tarjoilijatar 😉

    Mukavaa viikonloppua!


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