is blue for sad?


Is it?

Blue is one of my favorite colors but I don’t feel sad at all!

What is your favorite color? why?


These blues are for

Theme Art November challenge

‘100 collage’



Theme Art collage 100 #2 by BLOGitse


Theme Art collage 100 #3 by BLOGitse


Theme Art collage 100 #4 by BLOGitse


First picture of the series is here.



Huomaan että 100 kollaasiin kertyy vain sinisiä kuvia.

Sininen on yksi lempiväreistäni, mutta en ole mitenkään surullinen,

‘not feeling blue’ 🙂 tai sitten olen ‘aina’ surullinen…



These are also for

Paint Party Friday


For How to survive November 2017 challenge by Lepis

‘shadows and reflections’


how to survive Nov 2017 #3 by BLOGitse



Calluna vulgaris by BLOGitse


11 thoughts on “is blue for sad?”

  1. Blue is beautiful. I hate pink, it causes bad feelings. Yellow is my fave color, I once saw a yellow cottage and feel in love, now I look for one and paint them always. Blessings, Janet

  2. I don’t think any color including blue or black or grey are depressing colors. all color is glorious and I feel luck to see them each day. I revel in color, your abstracts are gorgeous, I’m just trying to do some for christmas cards this year. Visiting From PPF. Oh, my new blog is now live on my new wordpress site ( and I’m doing a giveaway tomorrow (Sunday). The giveaway will include a DIY Altoids tin with magnetic half pans, pencil & eraser, Hahnemuhle Grey Book toned paper sketchbook, Micron sigma pens, a Grumbacher watercolor brush and a bee magnet! Hope to see you there!

  3. I don’t think of blue as sad-I mean-the sky is blue, the ocean is blue after all:) My fave color has been red since i was a very young toddler. Beautiful art and photos. happy PPF!

  4. Blue reminds me of water that has a calming effect on me, but also of cold in this season, these are beautiful patterns
    shadows and reflections picture is wunderful!
    Have nice Day and happy weekend,

  5. Sinisen sävyskaala on todella mittava ja olet löytänyt tähän Suomi100 työhösi hienot sävyt!

    Jännittävä on myös selätyskuva!

    Minun lempiväri on violetti, se oikein syvä violetti. Siinä on hyvä olla! Siis pukeutuneena, kääriytyneenä tai vain kotona. Ripaus violettia tuo hyvä fiiliksen 🙂


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