creature and creativity…

Hi everyone!

Are you back on track after long weekend?

I am. Done this and that. I did sew that blackout curtain –

it really works!


I follow several artists on youtube. It’s so

inspiring to see how they create their works…


This creature is for

Paint Party Friday


creature by BLOGitse


Here’s a detail…


detail of creature by BLOGitse



Theme Art challenge

in APRIL 2018 is


but NOT using tools we normally use like brushes, pencils etc.


Teemakuun kollaasi


mutta ei saa käyttää välineitä mitä yleensä…eli
en saa käyttää pensseleitä, kyniä jne.


I use rough cardboard for all six works.


cardboard for April challenge by BLOGitse



Number one… / eka työ…

first some glue / ensin liimaa



glue by BLOGitse



and dry flowers on top / ja kuivia kukkia päälle




flowers on cardboard by BLOGitse


That was easy! / Olipa helppoa!


Time to continue pencil portrait drawing.

It’s difficult but interesting and meditative…


weekend flowers by BLOGitse



Have a relaxing weekend!






8 thoughts on “creature and creativity…”

  1. Your first painting has me thinking…at first I saw a fish facing right, but then it was a feather, an angel’s wing. Very interesting form. Fun play with the pretty dried flowers too. Happy PPF!


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