bye bye summer 2018!


Hi everyone!


How are you? How was your summer?

Our summer was long, hot and dry! 🙂

It was good to be offline – I noticed that I can live

‘normal life’.


Here are some summer 2018 shots…

summer 2018 by BLOGitse


If you remember I promised to learn iPad pro and Procreate.

You can check about that project here.


This is one of the pics you see there


30 sec croquis by BLOGitse



This pencil and eraser pic is for

Paint Party Friday



pencil and eraser drawing by BLOGitse


All right, September…29faces starts again plus all kinds of activities.

Do you have autumn plans?


weekend flower by BLOGitse


Have a relaxing weekend!




10 thoughts on “bye bye summer 2018!”

  1. Hi there!
    Thanks for your comments!
    Pleasant day temperatures continue but our nights are not that warm any more plus we have less daylight day by day….
    But life is good. Hope you all have a good week!

  2. fun photo movie pictures and drawings. I’m not ready to leave summer- and it still feels very much like summer here with another heat wave. No complaints though- I love it. So, I havn’t been thinking of autumn-yet:) Happy PPF!


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