Happy Holidays! Satumaista loppuvuotta!


Hi everyone!


We’ve had a grey couple of weeks. The other day it was raining and

at night it went below zero –

waterdrops transformed to icedrops



We don’t buy nor give any xmas gifts – we have everything we need.

But for Theme Art challenge I’ve made some gift wrapping papers 🙂



gift wrapping paper #5 by BLOGitse



gift wrapping paper #6 by BLOGitse


and all six together


gift wrapping paper collage by BLOGitse


I did some doodling while watching tv…


crowd of people by BLOGitse


Music, movement, rhythm are my life.

I’d love to sing too but dance is more me…

How about you, do you sing, play or dance?


Paint Party Friday


ballet dancer by BLOGitse





Happy Holidays! by BLOGitse


9 thoughts on “Happy Holidays! Satumaista loppuvuotta!”

  1. Such a sensible thing regarding gifts when you do not need anything.
    We are fortunate to be the same. Loving your play with colour and shape.
    Movement to music is a beautiful thing.
    Wishing you a happy PPF & Merry Christmas Tracey

  2. Lovely papers for wrapping. I luv all the extravagances of Christmas. However my Christmases are low key. I have neithe the energy nor the funds for otherwise

    Merry Christmas


  3. Ice can make things LOOK pretty but it scares me to think about driving or walking in it! Fun and bright looking wrapping papers and lovely drawings. Happy PPF and a Merry Christmas!


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