am I slow or…

…do I have less hours than you? Time flies!

Hi everyone!

I’m SO slow when doing things. Yesterday sewing, it took ‘hours’

to finish basic things. One reason is that I want to finish things at once.

I dislike disassemble (seams etc.).

(How do you say that correct? ‘dislike disassemble’ OR to take apart???)


This sunny surprise I did some time ago.

This is how feel when I see the SUN in the morning 🙂

abstract surprise by BLOGitse

It’s a HUGE surprise when the sun is shining 🙂

Paint Party Friday

This is for

ThemeArt January 2020

‘ colors ’

teemataide värit tammikuu 2020

Teemakuu-54 tammikuussa kuvissa tulee olla ylläolevat

‘ värit ’



When you mix the colors they look different than colors with digital codes (like pink #ff9bbd) you started with…Like when you mix ‘real colors’.


Have a relaxing weekend!


12 thoughts on “am I slow or…”

  1. Aurinko näkyy todella harvoin, onneksi sait se tallennettua paperille.
    Kauniisti värit sulautuvat keskenään ja toki silloin sävy vähän muuttuu. Se ei haittaa lopputulosta lainkaan.

  2. I am with you on the time factor. There is never enough of it and it flies by. Your art is just beautiful. I live in a place that the sun doesn’t like to come out very often too. Happy art for the sun.

  3. Joo, ne sanoo että tulee hitaaksi jossain vaiheessa. En usko!
    Upeita teoksia vetelit ja ensimmäisen kuvan fiilis kantaa tänne saakka!
    Mukavaa viikonloppua! Mä lähden rantsulle 😉

  4. It is so nice to have the luxury of time! There is never enough of it, but when I am outdoors surrounded by beauty, I feel the time stop as I draw for a little while. Enjoy the stolen moments of quiet!

  5. I love your pieces and I think I probably feel the same when the sun is shining! I think I have less time that other people too lol…I usually say “take apart” and that is NOT my favourite part of sewing!!!


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