Ciao a tutti! Hei kaikille! Hi everyone!

How are you?

I’m fine…nothing special…life is good.

ThemeArt challenge
January 2022 is

Same item/model
style / technique

Teemakuun haaste
tammikuu 2022

sama malli/kohde

model pic /mallikuva


ThemeArt Jan 2022 #5 by BLOGitse

ink and water / muste ja vesi

Paint Party Friday


sketchtime #71

Last week I told you about our visit to
EMMA Espoo Museum of  Modern Art.

Here are a few more pictures

art in Emma by BLOGitse

Ceramics Facing the New in Emma by BLOGitse

I really liked these!

“The idea underlying the Ceramics Facing the New exhibition is kintsugi,
the Japanese tradition of mending broken pottery with a mixture containing gold.”

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Have a relaxing weekend!  Relaa viikonloppua!



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