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Lucignano, Arezzo, Italy and 3 stitches…

    Lucignano is a beautiful, small city on top of the hill.                                                           La Collegiata di san Michele Arcangelo   the door of La Collegiata di

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Monte San Savino, Arezzo, Italy

  My holiday in Tuscany, Italy part 4. / Monte San Savino, Arezzo, Italy Previous posts from Tuscany part 1, part 2, part 3   Original gif file was too big and now some of the pics are cut. Hope you get the idea…   You can find Monte San Savino here:      

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back home in Helsinki…

  but I have still a lot of pics to post from Tuscany, Italy…   This is part 3 – ‘greetings from Tuscany, Italy’   Cortona I could see Cortona from our villa’s garden.   Tuscan ham and salami, yummy!         Beef carpaccio and white wine under the Tuscan sun – what

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greetings from Tuscany, Italy part 2.

  Ciao everybody! Huh, I need a holiday – we’ve been on the road most of the days – I’ve had just enough time to empty my camera memory and charge batteries and then out again! Today we’ve been sunbathing and relaxing but tommorrow we go again! One more week and then back home at

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