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photos of the weekend #14

A new chapter in my life here CASABLANCA, MOROCCO  since April 2010 The Atlantic Ocean and what a sky! Moroccan flag I enjoy sitting outside cafes… shadows of a tree a modern appartment house you can see clothes drying everywhere

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weekend images 5.-7.3.10

I’m going to have a ‘meme break’ after this weekend.  We’re travelling next weekend and then I’m going to be busy because we’re moving out of Egypt.  I’ll be back in April – when – not sure yet. But this weekend I’m going visit and comment all those player’s blogs who leave a comment here. 

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thunderstorm in Cairo, Egypt

We had a thunderstorm spiced with hailstorm on Thursday 25.2.2010 just couple of minutes before the storm started… pieces of roof tiles after the storm shot next morning…

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shadows in Cairo…

This is my entry to SSS #92 and Color Carnival #38  Cairo downtown from a moving car… from BLOGitse on Vimeo.

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