thunderstorm in Cairo, Egypt

We had a thunderstorm spiced with hailstorm on Thursday 25.2.2010

just couple of minutes before the storm started…

Unknown Mami
pieces of roof tiles after the storm shot next morning…

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    Many of you asked are we okay – yes we are – thank you!
    The thunderstorm was interesting because it came in two parts and lasted about 2-3 hours.
    The hailstorm was not that long…maybe 15-20 minutes.
    We’ve lived here in Cairo now for two years. The hailstorm was the first and the thunderstorm was longest and hardest we’ve experienced here.


    Not like snow in Scandinavia though! 🙂

    You’re right but we were lucky, no big damage…

    The sky was angry! Interesting experience here though.
    Winter look I do not miss! 🙂

    Rakeiden sataminen oli mielenkiintoinen kokemus. Joka puolella paukkui ja poksahteli.
    Tanaan naytin talonomistajan edustajalle tiilipalasten saaliin jonka rikkalapioon lakaisin.
    Kiva olisi tuollainen murikka saada paahan…
    Mutta hei, taa on Egypti – mita vaan saattaa tapahtua! 🙂

    >>Calico Crazy
    I had a coat with big hood which covered my head and camera 🙂

    >>Stine in Ontario
    Smaller ones hit me but I had a good coat with a hood on! 🙂

    And guess if I miss snowballs – nope! 🙂
    The sky was amazing and scary at the same time…

    >>Johnny Nutcase
    You’re right – they look like mushrooms 🙂

    >>~3 Sides of Crazy~
    Would’ve been interesting to cook them! 🙂

    That was an amazing experience…

    I’m a brave woman! I’ve even killed the snake! LOL!

    >>Sylvia K
    Hail is NOT common here. The weather was really weird for about one week before the storms.
    First it was hot. Then the sun was ‘there’ but there was like behind haze for 3-4 days. Finally the
    electricity was enough to erupt.
    Weekend was great thank you! Cheers!

    No. Only to shoot the pics was fun…for a minute or two… 🙂

    >>Hey Harriet
    I had my husband with me – not that scary! 🙂
    You too, have a great week!

    >>Greyscale Territory
    You’re right – this was quite a dramatic posting! 🙂

    >>Ocean Girl
    It was ‘yikes’ but beautiful (and little bit scary) 🙂

    >>B : )
    It was like a ‘outside-nature-disco’ for couple of hours! 🙂

    >>Brian Miller
    The rock or piece of roof tile – I’m happy it didn’t hit my head!

    ‘Yikes’ – I agree but amazing at the same time! 🙂

    >>Life with Kaishon
    ‘Holy Wow’ – I agree! 🙂

    I hope your dream will be true one day! 🙂
    Visiting here your life will never be the same again…

    Hi to you too! 🙂

    Nope, we’re fine and happy! 🙂


    Tornado season?! You make it sound like ‘rainy season’ – tornados are dangerous and scary!
    Our storms were nothing to compare tornados!!!
    You’re right about the weather worldwide: problems now in Chile, France, and Spain…

    The biggest were size of a golf ball…

    I agree – better a piece roof tile on the ground than on my head! with a good shadow! LOL!

    Yes, we’re fine and everything cleaned up… 🙂

    >>Joanna Jenkins
    It was big and long…we’re fine…

    >>Unknown Mami
    Thanks but it’s only good luck. I’m not that good with settings yet…But that’s what I’m trying to learn by taking
    hundreds of pics per week. Digital camera is the best innovation after mobile phone! 🙂

  2. I love the picture of the sky! Both so powerful and beautiful at the same time. A hail storm isn’t something I would have automatically connect with Egypt. Now I am enlightened.;-)

    The weather is just so crazy worldwide. Tornado season here in Oklahoma ought to be very interesting this spring.

  3. Wow, wouldn’t want to be caught outside in that hail. Ouch! What wonderful photos! Beautiful sky. Great detail on the hail and pieces of tile. Still dreaming of visiting Egypt! Cheers!

  4. What great shots — as always! Is hail common in Cairo? I know I’d hate to get hit by some of those bigger ones! Well, I have to add you to my blog list because I don’t want to miss anything you have to share!! I do hope your weekend is going well! Cheers!


  5. The sky looks angry, full of charcoal colored clouds. The hail may be damaging, but each hailstone has an interesting winter look. Even though you are closer to the equator. This is a nice report of a bad weather day…


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