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Sataa, sataa ropisee ja välillä paistaa ja tuulee puuskissa. Aamukahvi terassilla villatakki päällä. Hötösiä lentää joka paikkaan, mänty on ahkera tänä vuonna 🙂 Teemakuun haaste kesä 2022 ThemeArt summer 2022 kesällä 2022 / in the summer 2022 Ei ole pionit vielä täydessä kukassa. Tässä on toinen kuva Murkut aterioimassa! Viime viikolla kävimme skagenilla 20. kerroksessa.

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first you have sauna and then by BLOGitse

swim in or ski on

    It’s a winter day…sunny moment.   First you have a good ‘löyly’ in sauna…then you walk down and…     dive or jump in! eeeek! yes, it’s cold!   but sunny   or would you like to ski on the lake?             Which is it for you to

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ink watercolor doodling_1 by BLOGitse

winter doodling

    brrrrrrrr It’s (been) cold – good reason to be inside… Watching tv and doodling is a good combo. Later some color and sprayed water. Winter doodling.   Paint Party Friday             LIGHT is a magic word here during the winter months….   LUX was again a magic word

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how to survive Nov 2015_27 by BLOGitse

how to survive November 2015: 27 – 30

  This is it – last post of this November, 2015 – jiiihuuu! I made it!     November 2015: 27     blueberry pie with coffee…     November 2015: 28       November 2015: 29   details of that painting above     November 2015: 30       This is it.

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ink game_1 by BLOGitse

ink game and how to survive November 2015

    Hi everyone!   Even if it’s dark and rainy right now – life is good. We have a home, warmth, food and drinkable tap water…   I played with black and blue ink for   Paint Party Friday       black and blue ink, some watercolor and sprayed water…     here

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how to survive Nov 2015_4 by BLOGitse

how to survive November 2015: 18 – 22

  but first missing images…I forgot to post three days!   November 2015: 4       November 2015: 5       November 2015: 6         and now days 18 – 22     November 2015: 18       November 2015: 19       November 2015: 20    

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rosolli by BLOGitse

beetroot yummy

  I L-O-V-E beetroot. In Finland we eat ‘rosolli’ – recipe here ⇒ Finnish Vegetable Salad I don’t need potato nor any kind of sauce… The other day I had to have some rosolli, it was soooo goood!         cooked beetroots and carrots       Inspired by yummy salad two ink

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how to survive Nov 2015_10 by BLOGitse

how to survive November 2015: 10 – 17

    November is flying fast or I am too slow…   Here are November days 10-17 images:     November 2015: 10     I won this painting in Susu Petal’s raffle – thank you Susu!     November 2015: 11       November 2015: 12       November 2015: 13  

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shopping trolley watercolor by BLOGitse

testing how MacBook pro works…

  This is my first post with my new toy… after pc this feels….unknown.   I don’t know all the buttons, not sure how to find folders etc. But I like this! Now I try to find my entry for   Paint Party Friday         woohoo I found it – mini shopping

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how to survire Nov 2015_7 by BLOGitse

how to survive November 2015: 7 – 9

  Here’s a set of pictures to survive 🙂   November 2015: 7       November 2015: 8       November 2015: 9       I can’t post daily but Lepis can, check how she survives…    

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