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only one frosty morning

Hi everyone! We’ve had only one frosty morning so far, on Tuesday. It looked like this after this rain, grey, rain   This is for ThemeArt October 2020 challenge ‘high’ Tämä kuva on teemakuu-61 lokakuun haasteeseen ‘korkealla’ #5/6 I’ve continued morning sketchtime, it’s like morning body stretching 🙂 Do you wake up your art tools? 

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eyes in black by BLOGitse

oh no, we got first snow!

  But before snow pics here’s ‘eyes in black’ I draw with pencil for Paint Party Friday       It was hard to get black good black with pencil…       For Theme Art challenge in October 2017 ‘domino abstract’ here’s the collage of all six together.     Before snow leaves looked

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