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week 9 pics – viikon 9 kuvia

Hi everyone! It’s March, yes, yes, yes! I’ve had (tiny) writer’s block. My book project is resting but I’ve written several short stories to keep up the rhythm. Here I write as little as possible – I know how busy you all are 🙂   ThemeArt March 2021 challenge is ‘at home’ Teemakuu-66 haaste on

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wordless STORY #sanaton #6:6 by BLOGitse

13 hrs daylight…

    Hi everyone!   13 hrs daylight means it’s getting light at 6 am and light light at 7 am. Our bedroom needs extra blackout curtain. Last year we were too busy or lazy but yesterday we bought the fabric! Now I need to sew it…   It’s time to say ‘bye bye March!’

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wordless STORY #sanaton #5:6 by BLOGitse

#earthhour2018, abstract art and flowers

    Hi everyone! On Sat 24.3.2018 at 8.30 – 9.30 PM   LIGHTS OFF!         For Theme Art challenge March 2018 wordless STORY   This is picture #5/6         Tämä on Teemataiteen ‘sanaton’  stoorini kuva 5/6.     For Paint Party Friday       This week I’ve

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morning light by BLOGitse

light and green is spring…

    Hi everyone! This morning sun’s shining again. In the kitchen I saw lots of shine and reflections…     My wordless STORY for Theme Art challenge in March 2018 continues with picture   #4/6     Teemakuun #4/6 kuva sanattomaan tarinaan…   The other day I grabbed a pencil and started to draw…line

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men's fashion? by BLOGitse

are you fashionista?

  I’m not but I like painting/drawing! 🙂     Paint Party Friday   These are for Theme Art challenge March 2018 ‘wordless story’ – Teemakuun kollaasi maaliskuussa tarina ILMAN SANOJA (tarinani koostuu yhteensä kuudesta kuvasta)   tässä postauksessa kuvat   #2-3/6       Some bloggers still limit who can leave a comment on

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dancing couple ink painting by BLOGitse

dance, dance with me!

Time to dance MORE LIGHT -dance! Our daylight is now about 10,5 hours! Yes! I don’t mind freezing cold weather, no, I love LIGHT DAYS! Let’s dance!   Paint Party Friday   It’s March and new Theme Art challenge is   ‘wordless STORY’   This #1/6     All my 29faces Feb 2018 pics are

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teemataide theme art March 2016 scenery maisema_5 by BLOGitse

just colors…

  It’s weekend again!   During this week I’ve been sunbathing twice! 🙂 it was nice and sunny in our terrace but…   I had to have warm clothes on so it was only face and hands sunbathing 🙂     Here are my last paintings for     theme art month March ‘scenery’  

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first you have sauna and then by BLOGitse

swim in or ski on

    It’s a winter day…sunny moment.   First you have a good ‘löyly’ in sauna…then you walk down and…     dive or jump in! eeeek! yes, it’s cold!   but sunny   or would you like to ski on the lake?             Which is it for you to

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a tree by BLOGitse

sceneries – maisemia

    I see a tree from my bed       I painted that tree with Chinese ink       Paint Party Friday         For Theme art ‘scenery’ #2/6   Teemakuun maiema #2/6         Have a relaxing weekend!    

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teemataide theme art March 2016 scenery maisema_1 by BLOGitse

relaxing with theme art

    After February’s 29faces it’s time to relax and just let it flow…   abstract     Viime kuun kasvojen jälkeen on aika relata abstraktia ihan miten vaan mieli vie maisemaan   Theme art ‘scenery’ March 2016 teemataide maaliskuu 2016 ‘maisema’ #1/6       Chinese ink, watercolor     Paint Party Friday  

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