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almost spring by BLOGitse

almost spring + faces

    Almost free water – is this spring already?       I’ve done all February 2016 faces – jiiiihuuu!   Previous  Feb 2016 faces posts   #1 – 4 #5 – 10 #11 – 15 #16 – 23     Here are #24 – 29/29     #24       #25  

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faces29 Feb 2016 #16 by BLOGitse

29faces #16 – 23

    I’ve done all 29 faces, wow! rest of them I’ll post at the weekend.   Have a great week!       #16       #17       #18       #19       #20       #21       #22       #23    

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sunset near Urjala, Finland 13.2.2016 by BLOGitse

more faces

    It’s Friday again! And our days are longer and lighter, jihuuu!   This was shot last weekend in the middle of Finland, near Urjala.           #11 – 15/29     #11       #12       #13       #14       #15    

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paseo maritimo Málaga, España #1 by BLOGitse

paseo maritimo Málaga, España

    Finally we got beautiful weather here!   It was cool and cloudy in Málaga but now it feels like – SUMMER!   So, it’s time to have a holiday break – I’ll be back at the weekend #24/2013.     All these pics I took at the harbor, paseo maritimo de Málaga….  

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photo challenge 'white' by BLOGitse


  Photo challenge’s this week’s theme is   white       white plastic bag    

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retro by BLOGitse


    Photo challenge’s this week’s theme is   retro       A reed (plant) looks the same every spring – that’s why it could’ve been shot years ago or today.    

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inspiration by BLOGitse

ten busy days

  My hubby is in San Francisco and some other places – I have time to do ‘my things’, like more sewing and meeting friends…   Photo challenge’s this week’s theme is   inspiration       My most important inspiration is the SUN but I have not been able to shoot a picture of

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photo challenge 'windows' by BLOGitse


    Photo challenge’s this week’s theme is   windows       I had a walk today and saw an office building – facade made of windows – luckily I had my camera with me! 🙂  

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Helsinki 2.7.2012 by BLOGitse

Helsinki, Finland

    photo challenge week 14   This week’s theme is   ‘where I live’     This time I picked an archive photo – a shot I took on the way back from Málaga last summer…     Where I live – in Helsinki, Finland 🙂    

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detail of acrylic painting by BLOGitse


  photo challenge week 13   This week’s theme is   ‘cold’       This is a detail of my acrylic painting…     Last week’s collection of photos here > decay    

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