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  or ta-ta-tango 🙂   I lost this week’s Wednesday. It was a weird feeling to realize on Thursday midday that it’s Thursday, not Wednesday. Ever happened to you?   Here are my latest pictures for   Theme Art challenge in October: ‘silhouette’     (previous posts are here and here)        

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silhouettes and a gentleman

    Hi everyone! How’s your week been? busy? happy?   I’ve been busy and happy 🙂   Here are my next entries for   Theme Art challenge in October: ‘silhouette’                 The other day I got an idea to draw a portrait…   I found a model

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it’s October!

    Hi everyone!   What a beautiful autumn week we’ve had. Sun’s been smiling and leaves are yellow, red…   This week we used oil pastels in the art course. Not my thing. I like to try all kinds of mediums and realized that oil pastels are not for me… We had to continue

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