CC #34: “dizzy”…

17 thoughts on “CC #34: “dizzy”…”

  1. What all this dizzyness was – a detail of fabric…

    Please do, dive well and have a good time! 🙂

    dizzy – not only you, me too! 🙂

    nice piece of dizzyness…

    Yes endeed – colour power!

    >>B : )
    Normally I don’t describe my pictures. People can interpret my pictures as they want… 🙂

    that’s nice to hear…more Cairo pics coming soon…

    We’re all feeling it – dizzyness,
    hey stop staring at it, it might suck you in! 🙂

    >>Vicki ~ FL
    It’s abstract blend of colours…

    would you like it on your wall? : ) I wouldn’t…or maybe in the bedroom where my eyes are mainly closed! 🙂

    booooooo – good, got you out from there! 🙂

    >>[email protected]
    Colours make me wild! 🙂

    Thanks – same to you! See you…later today! 🙂


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