UPDATED! I've been hacked on Twitter!

I changed my password already. 
What else can/should I do?

Here’s what you should know if YOU got DM from me asking “Is this you?” 

It’s NOT ME!!!!

So what should you do if you fall victim to a phishing scam turned social network worm? Be a friend and alert your contacts that messages posted are not actually from you. In general, the ABCs of proper etiquette after a normal social networking scam are:

* Acknowledge the attack to anyone who might have been adversely impacted;

* Be detailed: Tell them what message they might have received as a result of the malware/phishing and what might have happened as a result;

* Caution your contacts: Use this as an opportunity to remind everyone that just because they think a message comes from someone they know, there really is no way of telling for sure. If they ever do click a link that then leads to a login page or to a video codec install, they should close the page immediately and contact their friend via some other method to inquire (and possibly alert them) about the seemingly malicious link.

Here’s the full article


This You????: Yet Another Phishing Attack Hits Twitter [WARNING]

It’s Mashable’s article about the problem I had today!

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