WO*IMA #85 your WOrds my IMAge

you give me WOrds and I give you an IMAge = WO*IMA

my IMAge #85:


WOIMA #85 exercising in Bilbao by BLOGitse


As usual you have time till Sunday 6 pm Casa time


Have F U N!


Don’t know what WO*IMA is about?


Check this given IMAge post


and then


this edited version

with participant’s WOrds and links to their blogs!



Have a great weekend!



On Monday ‘digital fun challenge’ on my PHOTOblog

theme is



Welcome to play along!


digital fun challenge by BLOGitse

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  1. Remember the old days when you could just relax on a park bench while somebody polished your shoes?

    I’ve been walking for an hour now, and I’m still in the same place. This thing must be broken!

    • This picture was taken from our hotel balcony in Bilbao. The park is very popular place to walk, run, have picknik or just sit and relax…


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