city break in BEARlin, part 1


weekend #15 photos


Greetings from BEARlin!


What a city!

Impossible to explore enough in a couple of days.

But I’m happy to experience a drip now.

It’s easy to go back – only 1,5 hrs from Helsinki!


This is a view from air (or views)

Berlin out of a plane window by BLOGitse



shopping, shopping, shopping

shopping street Kurfürstendamm, Berlin by BLOGitse

shopping street Kurfürstendamm with lots of shadows!


Shadow Shot Sunday2


shopping street Kurfürstendamm, Berlin by BLOGitse



shopping street Kurfürstendamm, Berlin by BLOGitse

All THE brands are here (not for me though)

I like small side streets with real feeling  of  local lifestyle…



public transportation works in Berlin by BLOGitse

Public transportation is excellent. I loved to travel by bus!



U-Bahn Berlin by BLOGitse

Metro is quick way to travel but you can’t see as much as traveling by bus!



Sundays In My City



Life In Pictures



Blue Man group in Berlin by BLOGitse



BEARlin bear by BLOGitse

You can see bears everywhere in Berlin.



The first buddy bears in Berlin

“The story of the Buddy Bears started with an artistic event in Berlin in 2001.

Inspired by the idea of bringing art in the streets of a metropolis

like the cow parade in Zurich and New York,

the initiators of the Buddy Bears, Klaus and Eva Herlitz,

decided to start a street art project in Berlin.

It was quickly agreed that a bear would be the ideal sculpture for the backdrops of the

German metropolis.

The bear – Berlin’s heraldic animal with a high level of public appeal –

was envisaged to capture the hearts of Berliners

and their guests in various different designs.”




I posted of these buddy bears when they were in Helsinki 2010



I’m too busy to post more pics for this post

but there will be more next week!



Have a relaxing weekend!



33 thoughts on “city break in BEARlin, part 1”

  1. This is a great travelblog! Berlin is so clean and looks so organised.. Wish could see those small roadside shops you buy your things from.. Thanx for sharing dearie!

  2. I LOVE how those buildings, when seen from the air, create those interesting geometrical patterns on the ground!

    And that bear – – – oh my – – – I LOVE bears, especially Black Bears which live in my “native” northwoods of Wisconsin.

  3. The in air views look like a maze of buildings. Alot to see, I am sure. I like the Buddy Bears, they are very inviting. I have seen this in other areas as well. In Tybee Island, Georgia they have Turtles and in Louisville, Kentucky they have Horses.
    Happy Sunday!

  4. The city has an old and classic style, so unlike the ‘newer’ US. The streets have a great look, the simple and still leafless trees let the architecture shine through its branches. We love bears like this in our home, this one dressed up and so friendly – what’s not to love??

  5. You apparently liked Berlin! Was it the first time you were there? I’m looking forward to our trip next July, especially after seeing your photos.
    The shopping street looks pretty quiet, was it a Sunday?
    I love the Buddy Bear, it looks like you could give him a hug! 🙂
    Have a nice weekend!!

    • This was my first visit and I really liked how everything worked.
      Bus lines are a little bit mess to understand – which line is going which street to where, which is the end stop or arrival stop etc.
      But hopping in and out is fun when you’re on holiday! and you get to know the city 🙂
      We arrived on Sun and on Mon shops were closed too…

  6. Jaahas, muistitiku on purettu.

    Mukava säähän osui reissullesi, vähän vaan piliveilee.
    Kauniita arkkitehtuurisia rakennus kokonaisuuksia näyttää olevan, isoja korteleita.

    • Ja pesukone on laulanut laulunsa 🙂
      Sää oli aika viileä ja välillä tuuli tuntui tosi kylmältä. Vaikkei satanut niin kyllä välillä oli tosi hyytävä olo.
      Monet rakennukset on kuoreltaan tosi kauniita. Takapihojen todellisuus saattaakin sitten olla toinen.
      Kiva kaupunki käydä vielä toistekin!

    • Jep, jep. Kyllä on niin iso city ettei muutamassa päivässä ehdi kuin raapia pintaa…
      Minulle ensimmäinen visiitti ja positiivinen fiilis jäi!


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