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‘If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others:

read a lot and write a lot.

There’s no way around these two things that I’m aware of, no shortcut.’


Stephen King


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week #48 photos



makroviikko/macro week challenge #82



teema / theme:


muru // a crumb



Vastaukseni / here’s my entry:


macro #82 'a crumb' by BLOGitse


Täysjyväleivän murunen opiskelee espanjaa 🙂


A crumb studying Spanish 🙂



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1_plaza de toros Málaga, España by BLOGitse

My previous post of ‘plaza de toros Málaga’ is here.


2_plaza de toros Málaga, España by BLOGitse



3_plaza de toros Málaga, España by BLOGitse



4_plaza de toros Málaga, España by BLOGitse



What a rocking lady she is – have a look!


¡Hasta la proxima vez!




37 thoughts on “as seen from above…”

  1. Loved the video – sending a link to my sister 🙂 Those shots of the plaza are crystalline, I’m especially a fan of the seating shot.

    I’m amazed at how many people want to write – or even work in Communications – that don’t read much (just the steady diet of tv to rot the brain …)

  2. Have to say the crumb studying Spanish really made me smile. Your shots of the Plaza de toros are spectacular. I bet it is an amazing sight when it is full with spectators and bulls.

  3. I loved Sexy Lady! My mother is almost 80. She swims, she walks, and she has lots of fun. I will send this to her. She will laugh! She even finds time to visit “old People” in the nursing home. No one told her that she’s old, too.

  4. The city and harbor seem crowded, so the stadium offers a place with some space for the bull and matador to parry and take up position. The angular buildings are thus offset by the circular venue…

  5. La Plaza Toro es tu muy bonita, chicka mia…

    Esta anciana es tan cool, tambien…

    I guess your enjoying your time down there.

    Hugs from a cold N snowy Stockholm,

    • ÄLÄ kysy….tällä viikolla kehiin tuli subjunktiivi…eli kaikki on ihanasti sekaisin! 🙂
      Mutta osaan jo puhua kokonaisia lauseita ja espanjalainen ymmärtää mitä tarkoitan..vai olisko sittenkin kohdalle osunut ne kohteliaat jotka jaksaa puoliosaamista…Fiilis on joka tapauksessa tosi hyvä!

    • voi ei, siis kiitos! onnistumisesta ei ollut tänään tietoakaan kun yhtäkkiä kadotin kaiken osaamiseni. Blanco. Ei mitään.
      Mutta sitä sattuu enkä ole vielä luovuttanut! 🙂

    • Viime päivinä aurinko on ollut superihana! MUTTA kun aurinko menee, kylmä tulee. Ihan totta. Ilman toppatakkia tai muuta lämmintä tuolla ulkona tulee kylmä!!!


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