Gullbringa, Sweden




my summer 2013 images part 4. / Gullbringa, Sweden



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I’m quite sure you’ve never been here – Gullbringa, Sweden.
A bare but beautiful seashore summer holiday spot.



North Sea


As you can see you could sail to many destinations in Europe….


Gullbringa, Sweden


not far from Oslo, Norway



Would you like to spend your summer holiday here?
Have a look!


driving to Gullbringa Sweden by BLOGitse


By car it’s only 150 kms (93 miles), 1,5 hrs from Gothenburg.



Shadow Shot Sunday2




Gullbringa, Sweden by BLOGitse




 sheep on top Gullbringa Sweden by BLOGitse



sheep eating Gullbringa Sweden by BLOGitse



relaxing cows Gullbringa Sweden by BLOGitse



secret beach Gullbring Sweden by BLOGitse


It was too cold for me to swim….



dancing moon Gullbringa Sweden by BLOGitse



Sundays In My City



Have a relaxing weekend!




21 thoughts on “Gullbringa, Sweden”

  1. We just got home from Europe. We saw 4 cities in Norway – Bergen, Stavanger, Kristiansand and Oslo. It was an amazing trip and so glad you enjoyed yours. I wish we lived closer.

  2. It is a peaceful place, the tall soaring bridge the only hint of excitement for this quiet holiday – grazing sheep and goats is perfect for someone who wants to relax (such as myself 🙂

    Lots of rocks and water – a holiday of spending my time doing nothing. Relaxing indeed!

  3. Hienot kuvat:) Tuo silta on tuttu.Viime vuosikymmennen alussa seilasimme viikon Göteborgista koko sen kanavareitin tuttavien purjeveneessä ja kun palasimme Göteborgiin,niin lähdimme ajamaan pohjoista päin.Muistaakseni tuo silta oli silloin.Viimeinen kuva tosi hieno!


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