aquarelle painting is so difficult!


Heeelp! 🙂


Three sessions of aquarelle painting learning behind

and I’m totally lost!

I’ve tried and tried to learn when the paper is

ready to paint – not too dry not too wet,

how to leave ‘air’ or ‘space’,  layer by layer…autch!

Here’s one work which is not

actually ‘my style’ but this is how it became… 🙂


Paint Party Friday



aquarelle painting trees by BLOGitse



Autumn is here with lots of shadows!


maple tree leaves by BLOGitse



maple tree leaves_2 by BLOGitse



maple tree leaf by BLOGitse



cropped maple tree leaf by BLOGitse



maple tree by BLOGitse



Shadow Shot Sunday2




Have a relaxing weekend!



18 thoughts on “aquarelle painting is so difficult!”

  1. It may not have been what you were striving for, but, it turned out quite prettily!

    Keep at it! Been there, still miss the mark on occasion, too. Peek at my blog for how I sneak around some of these issues!


  2. Gorgeous photos! You’ve really captured the season so well – I only wish it looked like that here – it’s still 90 degrees. And I really love the colors and reflections in your paining, they are so soft and dreamy 🙂

  3. The colors are changing faster in Helsinki than here on the US Atlantic coast – but we, too, will see the colors changing fast soon. But that is not necessarily a complaint, as the wild red, orange and yellow colors are so beautiful.

    Love your water colors!


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