weekend #17 – forests and swans



Hi everybody!

I can feel it – spring is in Helsinki!

Even if it’s not very warm yet

you can see some flowers, green baby leaves


evenings are longer,

today sunset is at 9 pm.

By the way, I like practical  time and date site!



Here’s my forest collage for


Paint Party Friday



If you want my comment

check you have name/URL option on, thank you!


9 forests collection by BLOGitse


All these paintings are here.



Mute Swan by BLOGitse


The mute swan (Cygnus olor) /kyhmyjoutsen


shot in Seurasaari, Helsinki.

If you want to see my old posts from Seurasaari,

write ‘Seurasaari’ in a search box. Old posts from 2009 look so cute 🙂



Have a relaxing weekend!



11 thoughts on “weekend #17 – forests and swans”

    • No worries, I deleted the first one 🙂
      That is why I like abstract, we all can interpret how we see and feel, no rules.

  1. Hi Blogitse!
    Lovely shots!
    Holiday in Portugal – 41 years of democracy and 45 years I met my wife. Champagne is already in the fridge. Cheers…
    Enjoy a short stopover in London at Blogtrotter
    Wish you a great weekend!

    • Trotter,
      45 – that is a looong time, good for you two!!!
      Please change your comment option to name/URL so I can leave a comment, thanks!

    • Giggles, I’m ‘angry’ 🙂 – why don’t you have name/URL option to leave a comment??? I’m a fan of your posts but can’t say that to you…


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