after blogging break…


it’s good to be back!!!



Our move from Helsinki to Espoo

map from Helsinki to Espoo, Finland

was hard work –

we had and still have too much stuff!

BUT we’re happy here – we have a small house with a huge terrace and

a small sauna and storage building.

It takes less than 30 minutes by buss from here to Helsinki city centre, not bad.


My entry for


Paint Party Friday


is painting on the wall…


some acrylic and white paint on top – voilà!



my painting on the wall by BLOGitse



I have no idea what this beauty is but I like it 🙂

Do you know name of this flower? or plant?


back yard detail by BLOGitse



after rain by BLOGitse



This is a view when I look up…


autumn sky by BLOGitse



Having a fireplace is a big plus!


fireplace by BLOGitse




Did you have a good summer?


What did you do?



Have a relaxing weekend!



7 thoughts on “after blogging break…”

  1. Such wonderful soft colors. About the plant you pictured, when I was a kid we called it “sour grass.” It grows in the forest and has a lovely sweet sour taste. Mumsie used to put it into salads. The purple variety is a lot sweeter than the green kind.

  2. sounds like an ideal place to live! How I would love a fireplace-yours looks so beautiful and inviting. Love your abstract art. That plant looks like clover to me. Great to have you back!

  3. Muutto alkaa olla siis ohi, ja jep, tavaraa on aina aivan liikaa, olen samaa mieltä! Toivottavasti saat kamat paikoilleen ja pystyt nauttimaan myös ihan vaan laiskottelusta.

    Makean näköiset seinät!

    Kiitos kysymästä, kesä meni reissatessa, pidin lomaa kirjoittamisesta ja maalaamisesta, mutta en käsitöistä.


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