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Hi everyone!

Do you remember this leather skirt with metal buttons and cute hem?

leather skirt by BLOGitse

I had one…I was slim and very young ūüôā


These digipaintings are for

Paint Party Friday

bird by BLOGitse

This is abstract but I can see a bird – what do you see?


bug by BLOGitse

For me this is a bug – for you?



ThemeArt challenge

‘picture tells a story’

teemakuun maalis lopuillaan, t√§ss√§ toka vika kuva (onneksi loppuu pian koska matkan varrella tajusin ettei ollenkaan iske idea mist√§ aloitin…noh, pianhan tulee uusi haaste, ehk√§ pystyn parempaan)




Snow is almost gone and days are longer – wohoooo!


relaxing weekend by BLOGitse

Have a relaxing weekend!


12 thoughts on “this and that”

  1. I used to have a leather skirt and matching jacket like this back in the day:) I see the same images as you in your fun digital art! Still waiting for it to look like Spring where I live… happy PPF!

    ps. if you don’t write you website it means you don’t have a blog where I can visit….
    ps. jos et kirjoita ‘website’ kohtaan blogisi osoitetta en tied√§ mihin tulla vastavierailulle…tai sitten sinulla ei ole blogia. snif.

  3. I also remember once being young and slim ūüėÄ

    I don’t see a a bird, but a red-eyed man smoking a cigar. His mustache and beard are blowing in the wind!

    Have a nice weekend!

  4. Hauska idis nuo tikku-ukot narsississa, pidän, kovin leikkisä.
    √Ėt√∂kkk√§ mullekin tuosta yhdst√§ tulee mieleen mut silleen perhon vieheen√§.

    Joskus muistan jollain tytöllä tuollaisen hameen bileissä yllään nähneeni.


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