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watercolor doodling details by BLOGitse

white and white

  One day I was listening the radio and doodling with watercolors. These details look like one work….     but it’s not true.   Macro shooting is great way to create new worlds… This is how it really looks.     Paint Party Friday     Snow is nature’s own paint…     Geometric

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Rumball Sparkling Shiraz by BLOGitse

sparkling new year

    All the best for this year 2015 to all my readers!     We started this year with yummy Australian Rumball red sparkling – our favorite!           Just before holidays I practiced my left hand again…   Paint Party Friday         ps. If you’re a Blogspot

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Happy Holidays by BLOGitse

Happy Holidays!

  Mandarin Orange Monday     It’s time to eat, drink and relax! I’ll be back at the end of next week (52)….        

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learning to sketch by BLOGitse

weekly photo challenge plus others

  I want to learn how to sketch,   do more, do more and more, get better… Here’s one work I did on my sketchbook,   linking to   Weekly Photo Challenge: achievement         linking also to   Mandarin Orange Monday   and   P52 Sweet Shot Tuesday       Have

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no name watercolor painting by BLOGitse

what’s this?

    I love colors. I played with orange watercolor, added some black. When it was dry I started draw lines. Here it is – a picture without plan, no name.       Paint Party Friday     What would happen if we didn’t have shadows?       Shadow Shot Sunday2    

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red splotch on a newspaper by BLOGitse

red splotch

    MACRO MONDAY 2     I HEART MACRO     RUBY TUESDAY TOO         Have a good week!  

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aquarelle painting trees by BLOGitse

aquarelle painting is so difficult!

  Heeelp! 🙂   Three sessions of aquarelle painting learning behind and I’m totally lost! I’ve tried and tried to learn when the paper is ready to paint – not too dry not too wet, how to leave ‘air’ or ‘space’,  layer by layer…autch! Here’s one work which is not actually ‘my style’ but this

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detail of the city painting by BLOGitse

city of imagination

  MACRO MONDAY 2   I HEART MACRO   RUBY TUESDAY TOO     a detail     of this painting, watercolor, marker pen        

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#27 faces29 Sep 2014 by BLOGitse

pics for u

    It’s the end of the month and 29faces challenge. snif. Here are my last three faces.   #27 marker pen, watercolor     #28 watercolor     #29 watercolor     All my 29faces are – > HERE!           I heart macro     Macro Monday2     Ruby

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