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Hi everyone! I try to wake up my painting passion again. I started with watercolor and ink. No plan, just doodling. and two detail of that Yritän taas päästä ‘oikean’ maalaamisen vauhtiin… lämmittelen vain piirtelemällä tussilla viivoja sinne tänne ja vesiväriä perään… Lines, circles with ink and watercolor here and there… one detail of that

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am I slow or…

…do I have less hours than you? Time flies! Hi everyone! I’m SO slow when doing things. Yesterday sewing, it took ‘hours’ to finish basic things. One reason is that I want to finish things at once. I dislike disassemble (seams etc.). (How do you say that correct? ‘dislike disassemble’ OR to take apart???)  

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coffee pics

Hi everyone! I was browsing old photos and found these pics I’ve made years ago with coffee, ink and watercolor Paint Party Friday ThemeArt January 2020 ‘ colors ’ Teemakuu-54 tammikuussa kuvissa tulee olla ylläolevat ‘ värit ’   #3/6 Have a relaxing weekend!  

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blue flowers

Hi everyone! I got these blue flowers with blueberry twigs I got an idea to quick sketch these ‘BLOGitse style’ 🙂 Paint Party Friday This is for ThemeArt January 2020 ‘ colors ’ Teemakuu-54 tammikuussa kuvissa tulee olla ylläolevat ‘ värit ’ #2/6 Have a relaxing weekend!  

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it’s 2020!

  ThemeArt January 2020 ‘ colors ’ are Teemakuu-54 tammikuussa kuvissa tulee olla nämä ‘ värit ’ Paint Party Friday   Now starts my favorite time of the year! Have a colorful weekend!  

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spring busy

but it’s been great! From furniture arrangement to recycling, winter/summer clothes operation, organizing this part and then you notice that part needs to be done too… Chaos is almost strangled by my tiny hands 🙂 These are for ThemeArt April 2019 ‘fashion’ Tässä Teemakuun viimeinen muotikuva ja kollaasi.   #6/6 and all 6 together Paint

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spring, spring – oh, yes!

Hi everyone! Finally it’s spring here too! I’ve been sunbathing twice, naked, of course 🙂 Our terrace is totally private – sky is the limit! You remember I did sewing, here are the tops I made, waiting for warm, summer days… These are for April ThemeArt challenge ‘fashion’ Teemataiteen huhtikuussa luodaan ‘vaatemuotia’ #4/6 #5/6 I

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read my lips

Hi everyone! These are the lips, not mine, but can you read them? 🙂 I can’t 🙂 I just digipainted them 🙂 Paint Party Friday   This April ThemeArt challenge is about ‘fashion’ Teemataiteen huhtikuussa luodaan ‘vaatemuotia’ #1/6 #2/6 Are you fashionista? I’m not. I like practical, comfy clothes and natural materials. I buy if

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inspiration of Iris Apfel

Iris and Aira

Hi everyone! The other day I saw this amazing, 97 yrs old lady on tv Iris Apfel, what a lady! I love her style but I don’t want to be the centre of attention. Here in Finland we have our own iris, AIRA Samulin, photo Mika Mäntyniemi Aira is 92 and still active! She’s a

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this and that

Hi everyone! Do you remember this leather skirt with metal buttons and cute hem? I had one…I was slim and very young 🙂   These digipaintings are for Paint Party Friday This is abstract but I can see a bird – what do you see?   For me this is a bug – for you?

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