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Hi everyone! This post is full of ‘old’ pictures. ThemeArt challenge December 2021 is ‘repeat’ . . . Allaolevat kuvat ovat Teemataiteen joulukuun 2021 haasteeseen ‘uusinta’ all six together / kaikki kuusi yhdessä Paint Party Friday   It’s time to take a break. I’ll be back online next year! 🙂 Tämä on viimeinen postaus tänä

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Happy Holidays!

Hi everyone! I’ll have a blogging break, time to go off-line, to read, paint, draw, relax… This is my pic for ThemeArt December 2020 challenge ‘holiday island’ Tässä toinen, ja viimeinen, joulukuun teemakuun-63 kuva, ‘lomasaari’ Jään lomatauolle keräämään energiaa tulevaan. (lomasaarelle en valitettavasti ole menossa) Palaan kehiin vuonna 2021! 🙂 •   Here are two

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summer break

Hi everyone! Bloggland is very quiet, so I’m going to take a summer break. ‘hey hay’ 🙂 (white gel ink on black paper) Paint Party Friday   Moi! Aika pitää tauko bloggaamisesta. Kotona on kaikelaista puuhaa, ulkona ja sisällä, vähän pitäisi pyörähtää taidetta kokemassa ja muuta pientä. Ei kummempia reissuja, ehkä jotain päiväretkiä, katsotaan. ‘after

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a painting by Santiago Ydáñez by BLOGitse


  Hi everyone! On holiday in Málaga, we visited CACmálaga – Contemporary Art Center of Málaga   I was staring this huge 240 x 300 cm (94 x 118 in) painting by Santiago Ydáñez     Look at these eyes. Especially the left eye, amazing!       My early bird is from another planet,

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this and that after holidays…

  Hi everyone! Now it’s over – all summer holidays. We came back on Monday from Greece + Spain holiday. I tried to do some drawing, painting but I couldn’t really concentrate… So I forget September’s 29faces challenge this time. Here’s one I did for fun, one line drawing of Einstein 🙂     Theme

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Ruins of the Viljandi Order Castle_1 by BLOGitse

it’s September!

    Hi everyone! How are you? Did you have a good summer? My summer was great even if the weather wasn’t perfect…hubby had six weeks vacation so we had time to do things at home and a couple of short trips etc. And tomorrow we’ll escape for two weeks. First one week in Greece

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oat on color by BLOGitse

ho-ho-holiday…summer holiday

will start on Monday…   I’ll be offline until September, yes! It will be traveling, a painting course, hopefully more sun and warmer days!   We eat oatmeal porridge every morning – our tummies are happy! 🙂   I’ll be back after oat threshing here in Finland.         negative colors    

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teemataide theme art March 2016 scenery maisema_5 by BLOGitse

just colors…

  It’s weekend again!   During this week I’ve been sunbathing twice! 🙂 it was nice and sunny in our terrace but…   I had to have warm clothes on so it was only face and hands sunbathing 🙂     Here are my last paintings for     theme art month March ‘scenery’  

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MoM #133 mystery by BLOGitse

mom – it’s orange #133 – from Sydney 3

  This is my last   Mandarin Orange Monday   post from Sydney…   Next time I’ll post from home   Helsinki, Finland again…   sigh     This is the mystery shot…..       of   this original   ‘a plate full of mixed watercolors’   seen here at the weekend.    

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geometrical tree in Sydney by BLOGitse

weekend #12 – from Sydney 3

  It’s our last weekend in Sydney!   Sigh, but we’ve had a great holiday!   I apologize not visiting your blogs –   we’ve been most of the time outside and   when in we’ve been sleeping! 🙂     Next weekend I’ll visit your blogs, I promise!!!     This amazing tree is

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