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money, money, money

  makroviikko/macro week challenge #69       teema / theme: raha / money     Vastaukseni / here’s my entry:     Fuskaan ja käytän samaa kuvaa kuin haaste #28:ssa….     Mukavaa päivää kaikille!     Have a great day!        

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"Moroccan bachelors seek wives who work"

Here are short excerpts of an article which I found this morning on Magharebia web site. “Once upon a time, a primary school teacher could easily support his family single-handedly, but that has become very difficult now. The marriage age has risen in Morocco due to the increase in the cost of living. The concept

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bloody handprints… veriset kädenjäljet…

you remember this picture from part 3…Johki sent a comment and I asked her to translate itwhat’s it about, i didn’t know, thanks…argh!muistanette tämän kuvan osasta 3…Johki kirjoitti mistä on kyse, en tiennytkään, kiitos ja argh! I think in the last picture there are two bloody handprints. Usually there are just more than this. Some

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i had a dream…money!!! näin unta…rahaa!!!

It started the other day on Scriber’s blog…we others were jealous – money flying in her back yard, from a tree… and then of course men want to be better + take everything serious –Mytho wrote his story…do you believe him? Okay.Nicole, BallerinaGirl…we all thought how could we have the same, money flying around, just

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