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bringing up tomorrow's fathers…

Yesterday was an International Women’s Day What Women Want June 2009 issue… Today I want to ask you:  What kind of men tomorrow’s fathers will be? How do you bring up your children? Do you think ‘boys are boys’ and girls are ‘princesses’? Is a woman’s place in the home? 1 in 4 say yes-poll Do

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UPDATED!!! what women want…how to punish a rapist?

December 2009 issue of the What women want magazine  includes an article‘If I were Queen of Egypt’ by Amany Eid   This chapter is about rape.“As Queen of Egypt, it means I am female, so this means, I will not tolerate rape. So any rape incident that happens – the rapist, will get one of two choices, either he

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accidents and snakes…

Couple of days ago I was in our garden wondering what’s going on.It was TOO quiet…like the end of the world.Next day I saw this and heard the story. This truck fell over. The driver was under drugs. He lost the control of the vehicle.Most of the truck drivers make too long days. They get

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