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I was lost…

Recently I’ve had several blogging problems. I googled for help. People who I asked couldn’t help. No luck. You know the feeling when you’re lost, totally lost and don’t know where to go next… I was totally lost. One day I noticed a blogger sharing tips. That’s how I met Lynda. Helping others. Sharing tips

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hackers suck!

You remember my Twitter account was hacked?There were more victims (and will be). Read this Mashable article written couple of days ago:“It seems hundreds of Twitter accounts have started to Tweet out “weight loss” product spam today. Specifically, users who have had their accounts hijacked are Tweeting the message “I lost 20 lbs in 2

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I love sharing but hate stealing part 2.

My regular readers know what I’m talking about.Part one of the story is deleted. Gone. Forever. I saved the ‘Thank you’ posting with links. What you might have seen recently is this text: Your first visit here?  You might think why the hell I’ve put those annoying watermarks on top of the pictures. Because an online

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BLOB by BLOGitse – a new Blogcatalog group for daring bloggers!

BLOB by BLOGitse – a new Blogcatalog group for daring bloggers! BLOB by BLOGitse is a group for people who are curious by nature, hungry for life, have the “sharing is daring” attitude and aim to improve their life quality by participating in a vivid network of people. B INTERESTED === > B INTERESTING! I have no special talents.  I am only

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