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weekend pictures

Hi everyone! Snow, more snow. That’s our winter in Finland! I’m linking these pics for Paint Party Friday   and ThemeArt January challenge #3/6 #4/6   Here’s one of my morning routine pics sketchtime #29 Have a good weekend! Stay safe, wear mask.

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winter 2019 in Finland by BLOGitse

different faces

  Hi everyone! This winter Finland has been a real winter paradise. This is a snow face of nature       These ink faces are for #29faces Feb 2019 All my faces are -> HERE     and     Paint Party Friday   #6   #7   #8   This is a fake

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acrylic trees by BLOGitse

guests, reading, candlelights…

Hi everyone!   We’ve been busy with guests but now and then I’ve had a minute to start reading Cathy O’Neil’s book ‘Weapons of Math Destruction’ (Suom. Matikkatuhoaseet). Do you know the book, read it? I’ve just started,  interesting and scary…   This acrylic ‘trees’ painting is for Paint Party Friday     Our little

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I feel like a ghost by BLOGitse

I feel like a ….

    ghost!   for Paint Party Friday   finally the flu/cold is (almost) gone but   I feel like a ghost:   two weeks mostly inside plus it’s been #€%&! COLD! Last night I woke up at 4 and it was -25°C / -13F, it’s getting warmer HAHHAH! this weekend, only approx. -10°C /

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ice in Helsinki 25.12.2014

looks like a winter…

  Just before xmas we got white blanket to brighten Northern darkness….   This is how it looked yesterday by the sea in Helsinki…     You can not walk on the ice yet, not thick enough…       Sun was shining and it felt like SPRING, even if it was -10C/50F 🙂  

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ice and water (1) by BLOGtse

no colors

  weekend #7 photos     Next week I’ll post from Málaga, Spain again! This will be my last trip over there before next autumn… spring/summer is perfect time to be in Finland!                   Shadows and reflections on the dark water….brrrrr…..     Shadow Shot Sunday2  

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can with shadow by BLOGitse


  weekend #6 photos   Empty can is easy and light to carry in your pocket. Why did you have to throw it in the water?   so stupid.     It was a grey day when I shot these – shadows are very modest 🙂       Thin, thin ice…     Shadow

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snow blanket by BLOGitse


    weekend #5 photos     soft shadows with white softness and hidden surprise….     ↓     ↓       Shadow Shot Sunday2     Sundays In My City       hidden ipad   The Weekend in Black&White       Have a relaxing weekend!    

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Malaga mix by BLOGitse

winter break – happy holidays!

  Hi everyone! I’m going to have a winter break, back on track…next year! 🙂 in January….     Shadow Shot Sunday2            Sundays In My City       Happy holidays! All the best for a year 2014!   ♥    ¡Feliz Navidad y Próspero Año Nuevo 2014!   ♥   Kiireetöntä Joulua

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