black and white 1/2








Paint Party Friday



black ink lines by BLOGitse


Chinese ink straight from the bottle and a few brush strokes…





detail_1 black ink lines by BLOGitse



detail_2 black ink lines by BLOGitse





snowy views by BLOGitse


On our way to a friend’s summer house weekend 3/2016.



snowy branch by BLOGit


snowy branch



snowy stairs by BLOGitse


snowy stairs



snowy swing waiting for summer by BLOGitse


lonely swing



Have a relaxing weekend!



11 thoughts on “black and white 1/2”

  1. Love the contrast of the black ink on the stark white paper. Just a few lines can be so dramatic.
    That’s a whole lot of snow! The photos are gorgeous. Happy PPF!


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