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week 9 pics – viikon 9 kuvia

Hi everyone! It’s March, yes, yes, yes! I’ve had (tiny) writer’s block. My book project is resting but I’ve written several short stories to keep up the rhythm. Here I write as little as possible – I know how busy you all are 🙂   ThemeArt March 2021 challenge is ‘at home’ Teemakuu-66 haaste on

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summer memory

Hi everyone! Dark season, colder weather – we need bright colors! Here’s a digidrawing ‘summer memory’ Paint Party Friday And clouds to remember sunny days… Have a relaxing weekend!   ps. check your comment options – let all of us to leave a comment with URL/name option, not only with google account, thank you!  

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small drawings

because I haven’t had time to do bigger ones 🙂 But this week has been good! Still organizing things. I found my old diaries…when I was 13, 15…I really don’t miss those days! Have you saved your old diaries? How do you feel when reading them? I did these small b/w drawings one day when

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morning light by BLOGitse

light and green is spring…

    Hi everyone! This morning sun’s shining again. In the kitchen I saw lots of shine and reflections…     My wordless STORY for Theme Art challenge in March 2018 continues with picture   #4/6     Teemakuun #4/6 kuva sanattomaan tarinaan…   The other day I grabbed a pencil and started to draw…line

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men's fashion? by BLOGitse

are you fashionista?

  I’m not but I like painting/drawing! 🙂     Paint Party Friday   These are for Theme Art challenge March 2018 ‘wordless story’ – Teemakuun kollaasi maaliskuussa tarina ILMAN SANOJA (tarinani koostuu yhteensä kuudesta kuvasta)   tässä postauksessa kuvat   #2-3/6       Some bloggers still limit who can leave a comment on

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acrylic trees by BLOGitse

guests, reading, candlelights…

Hi everyone!   We’ve been busy with guests but now and then I’ve had a minute to start reading Cathy O’Neil’s book ‘Weapons of Math Destruction’ (Suom. Matikkatuhoaseet). Do you know the book, read it? I’ve just started,  interesting and scary…   This acrylic ‘trees’ painting is for Paint Party Friday     Our little

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sewing by BLOGitse

patterns for spring or spring patterns

Hi everyone! We had about one week when nothing came down from the sky. It was so cool! No rain, no snow. We got even some sunshine! Last couple of days we’ve had minus temperature and light powder snow now brightens our terrace…very pretty.   I got inspiration to sew again. First I had to

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LUX Helsinki 2018 by BLOGitse

light and lights…

  Hi everyone! Finally we have more daylight! Yes!   The other evening we enjoyed LUX light show. Helsinki Cathedral looked like this here on my blog in 2011 in daylight       In the evening it looked like this (too many people and other ‘blocks’ to shoot better photos, sorry)      

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Happy New Year 2018 by BLOGitse

old year is wiiiuuuuh, only a memory!

Hi everyone! Hope you all are well and life is good!   My break was really relaxing…lots of candles, good food and nice drinks…No hassle, no stress.   This year I’ve been to gym, started studying Spanish again and found ‘bonesetting’.  It’s very difficult to explain but you might get an idea   from here

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Jean Sibelius and Finnish music day 8.12.

Finland, Finlandia….

  Hi everyone!   After Finaland’s 100 yrs birthay in 6.12. we celebrate again.   8.12. is Jean Sibelius and Finnish music day.   Here’s one of my favorite Sibelius music, Finlandia.     “Finlandia, Op. 26, is a tone poem by the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius. It was written in 1899 and revised in

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