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view from a hotel room in Mijas, Spain by BLOGitse

Mijas Pueblo, Andalucia, Spain

  weekend #27 photos   My previous Spain posts are here and here.   We’re back home in Helsinki but still a lot of pics from Spain to come….     Mijas Pueblo, a traditional Andalucian “white village”, 428 meters (1404.199 ‘) above sea level     Up, up you go to have dinner….easier to

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Cadiz city center by BLOGitse

greetings from Spain! part 2.

  weekend #26 photos     Previous post is here.   Now I take you to Cadiz. I show a couple of pictures, but history etc. Wikipedia tells better than me!                         This kind of streets, houses are my favorites wherever I find them…

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Cape Trafalgar (Spanish Cabo Trafalgar) by BLOGitse

greetings from Spain! part 1.

  weekend #25 photos     Greetings from sunny Andalucia, Spain! Here are a couple of photos shot through a car window…         fercam is a company maghreb is Arabic meaning ‘place where the sun sets’, opposite of mashriq       Cape Trafalgar (Spanish: Cabo Trafalgar) is a headland in the

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