greetings from Spain! part 1.


weekend #25 photos



Greetings from sunny Andalucia, Spain!

Here are a couple of photos shot through a car window…


highway from Malaga by BLOGitse
navigating…actually not needed but it was fun 🙂



toll in Andalucia, Spain 6,50e  by BLOGitse
we paid three tolls, 6.50e, 4.60e, 3.05e – you can avoid them by driving older roads


fercam is a company

maghreb is Arabic meaning ‘place where the sun sets’, opposite of mashriq

sunflowers by BLOGitse
beautiful sunflowers but difficult to shoot from a moving car 🙂


wind turbines in Andalucia, Spain by BLOGitse
a zillion wind turbines, they look magical…


Cape Trafalgar (Spanish Cabo Trafalgar) by BLOGitse
Cape Trafalgar (Spanish Cabo Trafalgar)


Cape Trafalgar (Spanish: Cabo Trafalgar) is a headland in the Province of Cádiz in the south-west of Spain.

The name is of Arabic origin, with the modern pronunciation being a corruption of ‘Tarf al-Gharb’ (Arabic: طرف الغرب‎) meaning ‘Western Cape’ or ‘Cape of the West’.

read more here



And finally…


pool water by BLOGitse
we enjoyed swimming in the pool after 10 hours of traveling…


It’s always good to know where to powder your nose 🙂

This my entry to Shadow Shot Sunday2

servicios with shadows by BLOGitse


Sundays In My City



Life In Pictures




makroviikko/macro week challenge #64



teema / theme: juhannus / midsummer


Vastaukseni / here’s my entry:


macro week #64 Aloe vera by BLOGitse


Ei ole vielä juhannusta näkyvissä saati makrona.

Luulen tämän olevan Aloe vera. Jos on, niin sehän hoitaa jos jussina kipeytyy 🙂



Is this Aloe vera? I don’t know…

We’re not celebrating traditional Finnish midsummer here,

just enjoying tapas and good wine!



Mukavaa juhannusta kaikille!

Ihanaa kesän jatkoa niille jotka jäävät bloggaustauolle!





Have a relaxing weekend!



37 thoughts on “greetings from Spain! part 1.”

  1. Oh, I LOVED Spain! And I agree that the wind turbines were very magical. Are you near Tarifa? We stayed on the coast there a few days…

  2. Love your pictures! I was in Andulusia last summer staying in Nerja and LOVED every minute of it. I see you’re in Granada now! Looking forward to seeing those pictures. We also stayed there right on the grounds of the Alhambra at the Hotel America. One of our best trips ever!!!

    Thanks for your visits and comments!
    Greetings from Granada, Spain!
    The internet connection is too weak to blog. I’ll try again tomorrow when we’ve found a place to stay…

  4. I trust that one person was keeping their eyes on the road – preferably the driver…we cannot avoid the toll roads if we hope to make time, although the tolls seem kinda pricey…it looks hot on that drive, so the cool water at the beach is really appreciated!

  5. Wow… a globetrotter… what a nice view and it’s magical how, “We” who live in Europe can do the roadtrip and you’re in in another country the next day.

    TY so much for a great ride.

    Happy SSS… hugs,

    We’re now in Malaga, tomorrow heading to the mountains where I’ll have more time to be connected. Hasta manana!

    Terveiset Malagasta! Olemme juuri menossa illalliselle, huomenna vuorille jossa toivottavasti hetki aikaa bloggailla! 🙂
    Mukavaa jussin jatkoa!


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