Granada, Roquetas de Mar, Nerja…


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This is 4th part of our Spanish trip.


Previous posts >>> 1., 2., 3.


We spent one night in Granada, near Alhambra.


Granada Spain by BLOGitse


It was breathtaking beautiful…huge bridges, high mountains…

but hot and we missed the sea breath.

Back to the coast.



Roquetas de Mar by BLOGitse


Roquetas de Mar was not a place for us.

On the road again…



Balcón de Europa  Nerja Spain by BLOGitse

Balcón de Europa in Nerja, Spain


We found ourselves looking for a place to stay over night.

We had bad luck. We chose the hotel by the beach.

It should have 4 stars but in our opinion it didn’t.

We had a better room and service  in a hostal with one star!!!

Plus a guy, guest, came to our room when I was naked going to have a shower. argh!



hotel Perla Marina Nerja Spain by BLOGitse


Prices in Nerja are a little bit higher than in Malaga.

It was impossible to find a parking place for our car.

I noticed from TripAdvisor that we’re not alone.

Some other quests say that this is not a four star hotel!


BUT Nerja is a beautiful place.


Next morning back to Malaga…



back to Malaga Spain by BLOGitse


Actually this was shot before Nerja – you see how many kilometers it’s to Malaga 🙂


We found a four star hotel with a small pool in the center of Malaga,

10e cheaper than Perla Marina.


Time to have a drink!


Pacharan with coffee beans and ice by BLOGitse
Pacharan with coffee beans and ice by BLOGitse


Pacharan is perfect end for a dinner or to have with solo or cortado. Cheers!


“Patxaran in Basque, or Pacharán in Spanish is a liqueur that originally made from the

blackthorn or sloe berries that grow wild in Navarra, a region in the north of Spain.”

writes about com



Do you know this guy?


Picasso in Malaga by BLOGitse


He’s waiting for you… next weekend I post about Malaga!





It’s strawberry time in Finland!


strawberries in Finland July 2012 by BLOGitse


I posted about my ‘pick your own berries’ here



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Life In Pictures




Have a relaxing weekend!




25 thoughts on “Granada, Roquetas de Mar, Nerja…”

  1. Very nice your post with Spain…trough Spain 🙂 Thanks!
    I like strawberries. I have strawberries in my garden but here their season ended more than a month ago 🙂
    Have a nice evening, my dear!

  2. It has been 30 years since I have been in that area – wow have things changed, thank you for the trip down memory lane – your shots are wonderful. However, I may never leave your site – my mouth is drooling at the Pacharan, I think I will just sit a while -stare and dream.

  3. oh my…visitors while naked did not make it in the brochure as a positive rating…no? oh the adventures of life. the pictures are wonderful, as always….keep them coming!!!!! the strawberries look heavenly!!!

  4. I like how you combined the photos over the road map – a cool effect! The interior of Spain looks dry and hot, I would get back to the water ASAP. As for the hotel, don’t people even knock on the door before entering any more??

  5. Onko se itse Pablo?

    Granadan maisemat ovat huikeita, sinne haluaisin joskus palata. Ne tiet, pudotukset!

    Nerjassa kävin myös samalla reissulla silloin aikanaan. Rondassa, Lanjaronissa…miten voi edelleen muistaa paikkojen nimiä, vaikka matkasta on yli 20 vuotta!


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