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I want to thank you – all my blogger friends around the globe – thank you for your visits and comments 2009! It’s party time! this little creature makes me dizzy! autch! Why am I just going around and around????…oooh…….. enough for me…you go on…oh, my head!   Did I drink too much champagne?!  This

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happy holidays! I have a FREE gift for you…

My regular readers know how crazy my November was. I was totally PEA no, NUTS! I did something childish and FUN! It was great to realize how quickly one month was gone. I have sweet memories and I want   to share them with you. I made a FREE e-book of my   NaBloPoMo November PEAce

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Blog dating 11.11.2009 – welcome! Blogideitit 11.11.2009 – tervetuloa!

Let’s start blog dating! First of all I want to introduce you to my very first commentator, EBRUFIN, a Finnish blogger who lives in Turkey with her family. She writes in Finnish but she’s fluent in English too! Next. My loyal blogger commentators for about a year now. Men first (or a man sorry there’s only one) MYTHOPOLIS This

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is your husband a donkey? onko miehesi aasi?

My husband is not! He’s a man! and a really nice man… This one I don’t know if it’s a female or male. This donkey was standing and watching busy people leaving to school and work this morning. Do you have donkeys where you live? Or have you ever met a donkey? ps. you can

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i got a nice surprise from a blogger friend!

look what Mythopolis did, isn’t this great!?  I just added the frame and his name… * bloggaajakaveri otti kännykkäkameralla kuvan yhdestä  Seurasaari detail kuvasta ja siitä tuli hieno, eikö? He wrote to me: “this is a color distorted version of one of your detail photos…I shot it off the monitor while on your site …by phone

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i had a dream…money!!! näin unta…rahaa!!!

It started the other day on Scriber’s blog…we others were jealous – money flying in her back yard, from a tree… and then of course men want to be better + take everything serious –Mytho wrote his story…do you believe him? Okay.Nicole, BallerinaGirl…we all thought how could we have the same, money flying around, just

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