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Atlantic Ocean and pearls of coffee…

We had a long walk on Sunday. Corniche Casablanca was too crowded so we only went there to shoot pictures… 🙂         flowerpower in Casa – no snow! That’s positive 🙂   Too cold to swim…but nice to look and dream…   I have an obsession to shoot coffee pearls… 🙂  

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snapshots from Casablanca, Morocco…

We had a long – and slow – walk at the weekend. It was slow because I had my camera with me! 🙂                                           When was the last time you sharpened you knives?    

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hints and pets…

…is your floor made of stone? There are different sizes,shapes and colors of felt pads-  easy and cheap way to protect your floors from scratching  and  your neighbors from the noise when you drag your furniture… * Do you have a dog? Please train it so that it’s not barking all day long when you

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this man…

…is our new hope for a place to live. I was going to post this picture without editing but I noticed this cloud, a shape like a man’s face. We found a flat, the owner is a man, we’re moving in on Thursday next week… On Tuesday I’ll visit the flat – what will stay,

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after hell…

…this is paradise!  Back in the hotel… what’s wrong – the Twin Center – those buildings are not standing straight? or the horizon is too straight? oh, yes! I’m going to relax for an hour or two… Our sun is strong and I’m not going to burn myself… How’s your life?

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Greetings from Casablanca, Morocco! part 2.

Yes, we are back in Cairo but not for long. Some of you know already that we’re moving to Casablanca, Morocco at end of this month.My husband’s contract finishes here and new challenges are waiting in Morocco.Can’t wait the new chapter in our life starting…in couple of weeks!!! 🙂Here are the rest of the pics I

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