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abstract pastel painting by BLOGitse

weekend # 16 – Sydney city center

    but first my entry to   Paint Party Friday   no name, made with pastels         and now memories from our Aussie vacation – Sydney city center shots. Previous Sydney posts are here and here.                     Here in Helsinki I’ve seen

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still in Sydney – in my mind…

  The heart of the city center is busy, busy, busy but you don’t need to walk long to find a park to sit and relax… Sorry about the quality of the images but is was a grey, partly rainy day when I shot these…                    

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the first night…

…in hell! Please, don’t ask me how I feel… I’ve been up since 4:18 am. Now it’s 6:15 am. ‘A gang’ of men were partying upstairs and I couldn’t sleep…Then the mosque near by, then a truck…and so on… Ah, what’s this picture about…it’s a shelf, it was burning – why? There’s a lamp. It

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morning walk in Casa downtown…

This morning I had my first longer walk – here are  couple of pictures I took…I walk only one street at the time because I got already lost once! Tassa muutamia kuvia aamukavelylta…Uskallan kavella yhden kadun ees taas koska eksyin jo kerran – talla kertaa selvisin hienosti! 🙂 OMAN wanted to practise English with me… 🙂

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a candy tram and a historical theather… karkkiratikka ja historiallinen teatteri…

I’ve been walking a lot and my camera is always with me! This tram is advertising Marianne candies… Olen kävellyt tosi paljon ja kamera aina mukana. Tässä karkkiratikka…. Alexander Theater here briefly in English / Aleksanterin teatteri From theater’s web site: “In the early decades of the 1800s, theatre troupes from Sweden, Estonia and Russia

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Helsinki calling! more pictures…

We had a dinner at Loiste in the heart of the city of Helsinki. Here are some pics I took from the terrace. It was a greay day… more pics from inside the restaurant coming later… Helsinki railway station the clock of the station is now under a ‘fake clock’, see the original just before

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