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week 17 pics – viikon 17 kuvia

Hi everyone! I washed a paper handkerchief in the laundry today. argh! A massive cleaning later today. argh! But otherwise this has been a good week 🙂 End of April is also end of ThemeArt April 2021 challenge ‘food’ #5/6 #6/6 and all together Ylläolevat kuvat ovat teemakuu-67 haasteeseen ‘ruoka’   Morning routine pic sketchtime

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week 16 pics – viikon 16 kuvia

Hi everyone! Spring, spring, oh, I LOVE THIS SEASON!!! Here’s number one butterfly this spring! 🙂   This is for ThemeArt April 2021 challenge ‘food’ turkey / kalkkuna Ylläoleva kuva on teemakuu-67 haasteeseen ‘ruoka’ My morning routine pic sketchtime #44 Paint Party Friday Birds are difficult to draw/paint but I have fun painting them. Here’s

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week 15 pics – viikon 15 kuvia

Hi everyone! The frosty nights are finally over! We’ve planted two buckets of potatoes. Hopefully we can eat new potatoes at Midsummer 🙂 These are for ThemeArt April 2021 challenge ‘food’ #2/6 #3/6 Ylläolevat kuvat ovat teemakuu-67 haasteeseen ‘ruoka’   This is my morning routine pic sketchtime #43 Paint Party Friday bird 1/4 Have a

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week 14 pics – viikon 14 kuvia

Hi everyone! SPRING!!!! I  L O V E  SPRING!!!! Lighter, longer days, nature wakes up…aaaah! Last week my ThemeArt April 2021 challenge ‘food’ picture was not ‘legal’, it should be ‘made by hand’ not photographed. Here’s my ‘legal’ picture 🙂 #1/6 Viime viikon kuvani Teemakuu-67 ‘ruoka’ oli ‘laiton’ koska se koostui valokuvista. Ylläoleva kuva on

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week 13 pics – viikon 13 kuvia

Hi everyone! This week is full of pictures 🙂 ThemeArt April 2021 challenge is ‘food’ • Teemakuu-67 haaste on ‘ruoka’ 1/6 ‘Tuomaristo’ päättäköön onko nämä ruokia 🙂   These are for Paint Party Friday abstract 2/3 sketchtime #41 I found flowers in our yard 🙂 Snowdrops snow looks…very old 🙂

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crow's feather by BLOGitse

crow’s feather and boquerones…

    makroviikko/macro week challenge #67     teema / theme: ulkoa löydetty / found outside, outdoors     Vastaukseni / here’s my entry:         Ugly kitchen macro for Lepis, Parallel Lines     The other day I made boquerones,   receipt in Finnish here,   in English here (one of many)

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macro week #30 'food' rye bread by BLOGitse

rye bread and wooden bridge…

  photos of the weekend #42 / rye bread and wooden bridge   Hi everyone! What a busy week again! We have guests this weekend so I might not be able to visit your site until late Sunday/Monday. Yes, I promise to visit your site and leave a comment if you leave a comment here!

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salmon in rye cups

  photos of the weekend #35 / salmon in rye cups with white wine…       Mix sour cream, sliced salmon, black pepper, garlic, sea salt. Put in cups. Let them rest in fridge at least 2-3 hrs.   Decorate the cups and enjoy with white wine! Cheers!       Shadow Shot Sunday

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Kosmos in Helsinki and my hubby’s meatballs…

      photos of the weekend #34 / restaurant Kosmos Helsinki and my hubby’s meatballs…   But first, my shadow shot…     Me photographing two photographers photographing each others… 🙂    I had lunch with a friend at Kosmos.  This is a place with good food, service and atmosphere. Read more about Kosmos >

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photos of the weekend #37 – Spanish delicacies…

photos of the weekend #37 All these pictures were shot in Bilbao, Spain… Time to sit down and enjoy delicacies of Spain…   jamones golgando   más jamones golgando     un plato de jamón y pan tostada     vino tinto     chorizo     boquerones Making Your Own Boquerones, or Marinated White

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