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flowers, stones and tip of the day

Hi everyone! How are you? I’ve been trying to learn how to paint clouds and waves. It’s hard! Looks so easy but when I try to blend the colours…oh, but I’ll try and try, one day I can do them, clouds and waves! Acrylic flowers are easy 🙂 Paint Party Friday   This is for 

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small drawings

because I haven’t had time to do bigger ones 🙂 But this week has been good! Still organizing things. I found my old diaries…when I was 13, 15…I really don’t miss those days! Have you saved your old diaries? How do you feel when reading them? I did these small b/w drawings one day when

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summer is not over…

but hubby will be back to work on Monday. We’ve been diligent couple getting everything done in and out 🙂 Still have to mow the lawn and do some small things… This week I haven’t had time to paint but I drew this ‘dance, dance…’ with colored pencils and some ink Paint Party Friday  

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in the summertime

when the weather is HOT! This weekend it’s hot but only a couple of days and then we’ll be back to our ‘normal’ temperatures… I’ve been listening audiobooks, mainly Swedish (read in Finnish) crime stories. I didn’t know how violent stories people can write – women and men. Do they get ideas from police archives

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birch seeds…

are everywhere! They fly like birds. Did you know  that 1 kg contains 5-8 MILLION seeds! Our terrace is covered with them and they fly inside without asking 🙂 Right now – and next week! – we have perfect summer weather. Early morning, sun and a cup of coffee – oh, yes! via GIPHY This

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