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city shadows, Helsinki by BLOGitse

by the sea shore in Helsinki

  weekend #34 photos   It’s almost here…autumn!   So it’s time to enjoy summer memories in Helsinki…     Shadow Shot Sunday2             Sundays In My City     Life In Pictures         Have a relaxing weekend!    

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a cajón made of cardboard by BLOGitse

dinner in the sky…

  and music on the ground   weekend #33 photos shot in Helsinki, Finland on Thursday 15.8.2012     Dinner In the Sky     Shadow Shot Sunday2         Would you like to have dinner up there?     On the way back home we listened a minute of these musicians  

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Hartwall Original Long Drink by BLOGitse

long, fast and lazy…

  weekend #31 photos   LONG     “Hartwall Original Long Drink is a crisp mixed drink that blends the refreshing taste of gin with the tang of grapefruit. The beverage was launched for the Helsinki Olympics in 1952 with an eye on lightening the workloads of restaurant staff as they served Olympic tourists. The

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Siirtolapuutarha fabric by Marimekko by BLOGitse

Marimekko – made in Finland

  weekend #30 photos   A couple of weeks ago we visited Marimekko factory outlet. This fabric looks good on a big table…     SIIRTOLAPUUTARHA pattern design Maija Louekari     Marimekko is famous of intriguing combinations, bold colors and b&w patterns…     sale, sale, sale…   summertime…     One of my

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Malaga, Spain

  weekend #29 photos   previous posts from our trip in Spain 1., 2., 3., 4.   This is it. Last part of postings from our vacation in Spain in June 2012. Malaga city – it was great to explore your historical streets!                   Only walls left…I

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back to Malaga Spain by BLOGitse

Granada, Roquetas de Mar, Nerja…

  weekend #28 photos     This is 4th part of our Spanish trip.   Previous posts >>> 1., 2., 3.   We spent one night in Granada, near Alhambra.     It was breathtaking beautiful…huge bridges, high mountains… but hot and we missed the sea breath. Back to the coast.       Roquetas

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view from a hotel room in Mijas, Spain by BLOGitse

Mijas Pueblo, Andalucia, Spain

  weekend #27 photos   My previous Spain posts are here and here.   We’re back home in Helsinki but still a lot of pics from Spain to come….     Mijas Pueblo, a traditional Andalucian “white village”, 428 meters (1404.199 ‘) above sea level     Up, up you go to have dinner….easier to

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Cadiz city center by BLOGitse

greetings from Spain! part 2.

  weekend #26 photos     Previous post is here.   Now I take you to Cadiz. I show a couple of pictures, but history etc. Wikipedia tells better than me!                         This kind of streets, houses are my favorites wherever I find them…

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Cape Trafalgar (Spanish Cabo Trafalgar) by BLOGitse

greetings from Spain! part 1.

  weekend #25 photos     Greetings from sunny Andalucia, Spain! Here are a couple of photos shot through a car window…         fercam is a company maghreb is Arabic meaning ‘place where the sun sets’, opposite of mashriq       Cape Trafalgar (Spanish: Cabo Trafalgar) is a headland in the

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Tarvaspää Cafe and Restaurant by BLOGitse

Akseli Gallen-Kallela Museum

  weekend #24 photos   Last weekend I posted about Peter Dahl’s paintings in Gallen-Kallela Museum.   This post is about the museum.   It was at Tarvaspää that Gallen-Kallela was able to realize the dream of his youth: “Out in the wilds I would like to own a crenellated castle, with a tower of

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